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About Us

Formed in 1993 by Allister Saville, AJ Saville Builders is backed by a knowledgeable team with years of experience. We’re a multi-award-winning Queenstown building company, specialising in top-quality architectural builds and have successfully delivered an array of design-led projects in the Queenstown Lakes district and beyond.

We commit to working closely with clients and architects to deliver bespoke designs that meet and excel client requirements while maintaining financial feasibility. We bring the skills and experience of our in-house quantity surveyor to work alongside architects to achieve this. We offer a full project management service from inception to final handover, and provide detailed cost reports and schedules to our clients to meet budget and time requirements.

We’ve earned our enviable reputation for quality from over thirty years of delivering the highest standards of quality homes and commercial builds. Each year we benchmark those standards against the best in the country in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition. We’re grateful to have received a prestigious Platinum Award, reserved for those who have won five or more National Category titles, currently held by only seven residential builders in New Zealand. We also hold a Sapphire Award for having won three Regional Supreme titles and won the Sustainability Award in 2012.

We use the most advanced solutions, products, technologies, and certifications to build practical and sustainable solutions. We build you a home that is environmentally friendly while maximising your comfort and enjoyment in living there.


In 2009 Allister Saville responded to a call from building supplier ITM for assistance with rebuilding Samoa following a devastating tsunami. Initially one of seven volunteers Aj Saville built temporary accommodation for the expected influx of volunteers over the coming months. Four months later Allister returned with two apprentices and a group of sub-contractors to help build a further 400 Fales.

About Allister Saville

Allister’s foray into building began at 16 with Melvin L McLellan Builder Ltd of Invercargill, continued onto his work on the Clyde Dam, and all the way to London where he ran a business for three years. On return to New Zealand, he made the leap of faith to Queenstown Lakes, seeing his career take off alongside an increasing workload of architecturally designed homes being built in the area.

Allister’s impressive resume has culminated in AJ Saville Builders’ many category wins across Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards, and other nationally accredited awards including the prestigious Platinum and Sapphire awards, only awarded to the very best in the country.

Allister became a Member of the New Zealand Institute of Building and has been actively involved in the Green Building Council. He believes the planet must be sustained and handed over for the legacy of future generations.

We take pride from our reputation as one of the most awarded builders in NZ. We regularly measure our standards against the best in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition and are the only building company to have received Platinum and Sapphire Awards in Southland and Otago.


  • 2023 Regional Category Winner
  • 2023 Top 100
  • 2023 Gold Resene New Home over $2 Million
  • 2021 Top 100
  • 2021 Gold Resene New Home over $2 Million
  • 2020 Top 100
  • 2020 Gold Resene New Home over $2 Million
  • 2019 Gold New Homes over $2 Million
  • 2019 Regional Lifestyle Award – Sustainability
  • 2018 Gold Show Home Award
  • 2018 Gold Kitchen Award
  • 2018 Gold Sustainable Award
  • 2018 Craftsmanship Award
  • 2018 Gold New Homes over $2 Million
  • 2018 Southern Supreme Winner
  • 2017 Sapphire Award (Outstanding Achievement Award)
  • 2015 Southern Supreme Winner
  • 2015 Gold Award
  • 2014 National Show Home  Gold Reserve and Category Winner
  • 2014 Lifestyle Interior and Design Award
  • 2014 Lifestyle Kitchen Award
  • 2014 Show Home Gold Award and Category Winner
  • 2012 Gold Reserve National Finalist and National Winner Sustainable Homes over $1 million 2012
  • 2012 Platinum Award, 7th to receive in the Country
  • 2012 Gold Award and Category Winner
  • 2012 Gold Award
  • 2012 Gib Livings Award
  • 2012 Kitchen Award
  • 2012 Interior and Design Award
  • 2012 Southern Supreme Winner
  • 2012 Sustainable Gold and Category Winner
  • 2011 Gold Reserve National Finalist and National Winner
  • 2011 Lifestyle Interior Award
  • 2011 Lifestyle Bathroom Award
  • 2011 Lifestyle Kitchen Award
  • 2011 Southern Supreme Winner
  • 2011 Gold Award and Category Winner
  • 2010 Gold Reserve National Finalist and National Winner
  • 2010 Gold Award
  • 2010 Gold Award and Category Winner
  • 2009 Gold Reserve National Finalist
  • 2009 Gold Award
  • 2008 Gold Award
  • 2007 Gold Reserve National Finalist
  • 2007 Interior Style and Finish Award
  • 2007 Silver Award
  • 2007 Gold Award
  • 2006 National Finalist and National Winner
  • 2006 National Energy Efficiency Award
  • 2006 Gold Award
  • 2005 Silver Award
  • 2005 Silver Award
  • 2004 Bronze Award
  • 2003 2nd National Finalist
  • 2003 National Mico bathroom award
  • 2003 Southern Supreme Winner
  • 2003 Regional Winner
  • 2001 National Finalist
  • 2001 Regional Winner
  • 2000 X2 Merit Awards
  • 1999 3rd National Finalist
  • 1999 Regional Winner

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